Buderus / Bosch Boilers

Buderus is owned by Bosch. Bosch uses both the Bosch and the Buderus name in marketing their high efficiency, high quality heating systems. In our opinion, they are the state-of-the-art hot water heating systems on the market today. The features and benefits of a Buderus boiler include the following:

  1. It is manufactured in Europe with the finest quality components which improve efficiency and reduce repair costs.
  2. It includes a unique boiler temperature modulating control known as the Logomatic. This control reduces the operating temperature of the boiler, thereby reducing your energy bill. In addition, the Logomatic eliminates room temperature fluctuations, thereby greatly enhancing the comfort level in your home.
  3. It includes a super insulated thermoglaze, horizontally mounted hot water storage tank which generates virtually unlimited amounts of hot water.
  4. It comes standard with a Riello Burner which is the most efficient, reliable burner available.
  5. It contains a swing open front door for easy and thorough cleaning of the combustion chamber.
  6. The burner and controls are warrantied for three years; the storage tank and the boiler carry a Full Warranty for 10 years with a Limited Lifetime Warranty thereafter.
  7. A Buderus Boiler can be expected to reduce your annual energy bill by 25 – 45%.