Buderus 125 BE Series Low-NOx Residential Oil Boiler

The Buderus 125BE boiler represents the ultimate in low-emission, high-efficiency heating for your home. Originally designed for the European market, where fuel prices are high and environmental regulations particularly stringent, the 125BE employs the latest technology and design concepts.

Let's start with the 125BE's low-emission burner. It produces virtually no soot and much less nitrogen oxide than conventional burners. The burner achieves these low emission levels through complete combustion of the fuel. A ceramic burner tube works to recirculate combustion gases, thus helping to better vaporize the fuel ensuring that it all gets combusted. Complete combustion, of course, translates into higher efficiency – more heat is extracted from each gallon of fuel – and it means that the burner stays cleaner over time and therefore requires less service.

How efficient is efficient? The Buderus 125BE is rated at 90%-plus on the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) scale, an industry-standard measurement of burner efficiency. That's higher than any conventional boiler currently listed. (And for even higher efficiency, there's the Buderus GB125BE, with added condensing technology that extracts additional heat from hot flue gases.)

Better burning is only the start of the 125BE's higher efficiency and reliability. The boiler itself is made of a special cast iron, called GL-180M, that Buderus has patented for its innate flexibility. Flexible cast iron? In fact, GL-180M is less brittle than most cast irons and that makes it more resistant to thermal shock – to the expansion that inevitably occurs in a boiler's walls when, after some period of inactivity, the burner is switched on and produces a sudden flash of extreme heat.

The use of GL-180M cast iron also enables Buderus to create a boiler that doesn't require a refractory or target wall. Typical of most conventional boilers, this wall inevitably absorbs heat that should be leaving the boiler to heat your house.

With its sections securely joined together and sealed through the use of push nipples, all made of profiled, beveled steel, the 125BE boiler is designed to work for years without any leakage. The use of special sealing compounds helps to prevent gas leakage and thus improve safety and efficiency.

Finally, the boiler is insulated in a way that's typically not found in other brands. The Buderus 125BE is surrounded – including its bottom surface – by 3.5 inches of thermal insulation. This enables the boiler to retain more of its heat when not burning oil and reduces its thermal expansion cycle.

The Buderus 125BE and GB125BE boilers are available in nine different sizes, varying primarily in heating capacity and venting options. They are designed for new installations and as replacements for existing boilers.

High efficiency, low maintenance, long operating life: Buderus is the leader in residential boiler technology, a trusted name since 1825.