Intellidyne Products Save Energy

Hart & Iliff is a distributor for Intellidyne. Intellidyne makes energy management products that maximize the performance of heating and air conditioning equipment by adjusting the on and off cycling to reduce energy consumption and associated pollution.

As with all mechanical equipment, heating and air conditioning systems operate most efficiently in the middle of their run cycle and least efficiently when they start up and shut down. Intellidyne's patented technology uses a microprocessor to increase the length of the on cycles and reduce the number of off cycles to produce significant energy savings without any loss in comfort. A study commissioned by the New York State Research and Development Authority, in conjunction with BrookhavenNational Laboratory (see related article), concluded that Intellidyne controls reduce energy consumption by an average of 13% and pollution by as much as 47%.

Intellidyne makes microprocessor energy consumption economizers for hot water and warm air based heating systems and for central air conditioning systems. Intellidyne controls also reduce maintenance costs, increase the life span of heating and air conditioning equipment and come with a 15-year replacement warranty. If you would like more information or pricing, please call us at 973-383-1421. You can also log onto Intellidyne's website at


Intellidyne Test Results

The effectiveness of Intellidyne's energy management controls was confirmed in a comprehensive study commissioned by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). Tests were conducted in conjunction with Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) at 13 field test sites, where boiler, air conditioning and refrigeration system performance was evaluated both with and without Intellidyne controls.

In addition, BNL performed laboratory analysis that studied the impact of the Intellidyne control on pollutant emissions. The selected sites covered a broad range typical of the full spectrum of applications where Intellidyne controls can reduce energy consumption. Findings from the study documented average energy savings of 13% and pollution reduction of as much as 47%, with no noticeable difference in comfort.