Roth Double Wall Fuel Oil Safety Tanks

Roth Double Wall Safety Tanks

Roth Safety Tanks are manufactured in the United States using state of the art computerized technology, to ensure the highest quality standards. They offer economical, safe, compact and problem free storage of heating oil. More than 4 million have been installed in Europe and North America.

Roth tanks have a blow molded seamless inner tank of high-density polyethylene, which is absolutely leak proof and corrosion resistant. The outer tank is made of galvanized steel, lock seamed and sealed with an oil and fire resistant seal. The outer tank protects the inner tank and offers secondary containment should the inner tank fail, holding 100% of the inner tanks volume.

Modern Quality Control procedures (ISO 9000 certified) ensure that every inner and outer tank has been pressure tested for uniform wall thickness and integrity.


Features and Benefits

  • Full secondary steel containment of primary tank
  • 30 year warranty with $2,000,000 of environmental clean-up coverage
  • Seamless polyethylene inner tank
  • Can be installed without a containment wall
  • .040″ nom., G-90 galvanized steel outer tank
  • Absolutely leak proof, corrosion and shock resistant, and dimensionally stable for decades
  • Highly visible leak alarm
  • Attractive and rust resistant for long life
  • Designed for individual or multiple tank installations
  • Easily monitored tank integrity
  • Low weight – 55% of the weight of 12 gauge steel tanks
  • Conveniently expandable for 1 to 25 tanks
  • Factory installed handles
  • Easier, faster installations
  • Compact design
  • Easy handling during transportation and storage
  • Welded steel mounting skid included
  • Less oil waste, only 8 gallons in a 1000L
  • Comes complete with pipe fittings, level, gauge and monitoring accessories
  • Allows placement of tank in confined spaces with limited access
  • Superior tank stability
  • UL listed
MODEL 400L 620L 1000L 1500L
Capacity (Gallons) 110 165 275 400
Length (Inches) 29 29 43 64
Width (Inches) 28 28 28 30
Height (Inches) without base 44 59 59 66
Min Install Height (Inches) 49 66 66 76
Weight (Pound) without stand 106 132 167 333
Weight (Pound) of stand 9 11 18 25