What Our Customers are Saying

These are unsolicited comments received from Hart & Iliff customers.

"Your technician is an outstanding representative of your company. He is thorough and complete and does a super job!"

"Your technicians are always helpful and courteous. So are the ladies (and the boss) in the office. I am proud for my neighbors to see the H & I professional service techs in the clean H & I vans when they are parked by my house."

"Great group of people at Hart & Iliff - office people as well as maintenance."

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Welcome to Hart & Iliff

The purpose of this website is to provide our customers, friends and prospects with as much useful information as possible. In addition to Hart & Iliff's products and services, this website contains information which is relevant to your home comfort needs. Much of this information is contained in articles from our award winning quarterly newsletter Comfort Line.

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Comfort Line Newsletter

Comfort Line is our newsletter published since Fall 1999. It's mission is to provide useful information regarding your home, your comfort and tell you a little about Hart & Iliff, our services and our people. All past issues are posted on our website, exactly as originally issued. To the best of our ability, each issue was accurate at the time of publication. They have not been updated to reflect any changes since the date of publication.

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Good reasons for choosing Hart & Iliff

You expect to receive personal attention when you select a fuel oil dealer or heating / air conditioning service provider in the Northwest New Jersey area. You want a company that considers you important and makes a special effort to give you fast, competent service.

Is this too much to ask today? We don't think so. It's the way we've been taking care of our customers since 1889. At Hart & Iliff, we recognize that each customer is unique. This is why we spend time getting acquainted, visiting your home and inspecting your heating and air conditioning systems. Today, you expect more than service excellence from your fuel oil dealer or heating / air conditioning service provider. That's why Hart & Iliff offers unique worry free price protection programs that eliminate expensive winter price spikes and control your heating costs. We also offer our customers emergency service 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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With Ultrablend Heating Oil we've made oil heat a better value by using the most advanced additive technology in the home heating industry.  Ultrablend contains detergents, stabilizers, dispersants, inhibitors and an EPA approved microbiocide insuring that your system runs clean and at peak efficiency

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What Our Customers are Saying

These are unsolicited comments received from Hart & Iliff customers.

"He did a most thorough and complete cleaning. I also want to compliment him on the calming job he did on my wife who has been very anxious since finding out all our problems with our chimney. Thanks again, and we hope to have him again next year."

"I wanted to thank each and every person at Hart & Iliff for their excellent and personable service for the past 18 years."

"As always, Hart & Iliff service was fantastic. It seems as if all my problems are at night or on weekends. Hart & Iliff service techs respond promptly to fix the job the first time!"